Step 1: Rescue

Our partners work around the clock to save dogs from homelessness. We are trying to help save dogs from euthanasia in overcrowded shelters to roaming the streets unwanted, left with no hope of a future. Once taken in, these “saved” ones are then placed either with a foster or within a facility where they are safe and cared for, put through a behavior assessment, and have all their vetting managed. Once cleared, they are either placed up for “Direct Adoption” or “Transferred” to a rescue or shelter in the PNW or Northeast.

Step 2: Adoption Process #1 - Direct adopt

There are 2 ways to adopt a PFR dog. One is through our Direct Adoption Program. Visit our “Available for Direct Adoption” photo album on Facebook. If you see a kiddo you’re interested in, you email that dog’s TX rescue directly (contact info is listed in each photos caption). You will complete an application with that rescue and go through a series of reference checks and a Facetime or Skype interview. Once finalized, PFR will arrange for the transportation of your new companion to your part of the country (some travel on your part may be required to meet the transport).


Adoption Process #2 - Shelter/Rescue Transfer

The second option is to adopt one of our kiddos who are being transferred to one of our Receiving Partners. You will follow that receiver's adoption process. Dogs being transferred to rescues will be posted on our Facebook prior to transport. The receiving partner will be noted in the dog's photo caption so you are able to contact them directly for more details.

Step 3: Transport

Transports are 100% donation driven. How often, how many dogs and the type of transport we use all depends on the support we receive from our amazing followers. Transports are typically arranged once a month. We usually transport 40-100 dogs per transport. For direct adopters, transport pick up location, date and approximate time are arranged ahead of time. We keep everyone involved and updated during the entire transport process.. from when the dogs are loaded onto the transport vehicle as well as how they progress on the road.


Interested in adopting a PFR Dog?

Visit our Facebook page to see all of the dogs we have available for Direct Adoption as well as dogs we are transferring in our upcoming transport.