While Finley was very timid and nervous at first with his new surroundings and unfamiliar people, he soon warmed up to us and showed us his true goofy self. He now loves to snuggle with his people, shamelessly beg for belly rubs, and sleep on my bed every night. I've learned that his favorite thing is to run, whether it’s after crows, bunnies, or just people jogging at the park! He's proven to be a fast learner and very well-behaved with almost no training on my part. We love to go on adventures to the beach (where he's too chicken to actually go swimming), or to forest parks, or to the dog park. He loves to be anywhere I am, and I love to have him by my side as often as possible.

Finley has changed my life in the best of ways. I can't imagine life without him now. I knew I got lucky when I found him, but I didn't realize just how truly lucky I was until I got to know him better and see just how amazing he is. He is the best sidekick, a wannabe guard dog, protector, adventure buddy, and constant companion. I am eternally grateful for Project Freedom Ride and MASA Rescue for their part in bringing him into my life, and I will continue to speak highly of them to others seeking to adopt. Our journey over the last few months has changed both mine and Finley's lives forever, and I'm so thankful that I have been given the honor of giving him his forever home.



Tessa has been with us for almost two months now, although it feels like she’s been with us from the beginning. My other dog, Tebow loves having a friend and hasn’t had any more issues with his separation anxiety! I’m actually in the process of weaning him off of his Prozac because I don’t think he even needs it anymore. I was also delighted to learn for myself that her bio was 100% accurate. She is one of the best dogs and so well-mannered. I gave Amanda permission to give my contact info to her previous owner (and actually connected with one of his family members on the PFR Facebook page) and have sent them updates and pictures.

Once it came time for the transport, PFR took over and they were just as wonderful. They kept everyone updated through emails and let us know where the dogs were and how they were doing. The drop off was amazing- I loved watching all of the volunteers come together to help unload all of the cats and dogs.PFR and MASA were so wonderful to work with and I am so happy to have Tessa with us. I don’t know when I’ll be adopting my next dog, but I know it will definitely be another PFR dog from Texas..


Joe and I knew we had always wanted a dog. When Joe was diagnosed with cancer, we really started to accelerate his bucket list and stop putting things off that we had been waiting to do. We searched around the local shelters, but just couldn't find the right dog for us. Joe went to PAWS on a weekday and there was Cooper, sitting in his kennel, not barking. Joe called me immediately and said "we have to get this dog!"

After we adopted Cooper we found out a little more about his story. Cooper and his sister were dumped in a park and upon rescue, they found out they both had Parvo. They spent a week at the vet's and unfortunately Cooper's sister did not make it. Cooper is a fighter though and we are so lucky he was found and had such an amazing woman, Julie from Sterling City, TX, nurse him back to health.

Cooper was Joe's constant companion. He kept him company on the days when Joe wasn't feeling well and he got Joe up and moving, which was important for his health. We registered Cooper as an emotional support dog for Joe and since Joe has passed, Cooper has been my emotional support in so many ways.

Cooper is so smart and sweet. He loves to cuddle, but also loves to hike and play fetch. He loves to learn and picks up on new tricks quickly. I could not have dreamt up a better dog for us and he continues to bring so much happiness and companionship to my life!

Juniper 1

Adopting my dog, Juniper, from Project Freedom Ride was a once in a lifetime and absolutely incredible opportunity. I wasn't really looking for another dog, but have been a longtime supporter of PFR. One day I was scrolling and happened to come across a picture of the sweetest, most lovable chocolate-colored face looking back at me and I knew immediately that she was my dog. Juniper (formerly Lily) had the most incredible foster Mom when she was in Texas and her rescue organization, Second Chance Dog Rescue, was just as wonderful and responsive and they do incredible work. Also, the two men who transported my pup from Texas to Washington were so kind and caring. 

Now Juniper is living and thriving in the beautiful PNW in our town of Bellingham, Washington! Her favorite things are to give you kisses until you can't breathe, say hi to every human possible, sleep underneath the bed and the futon and across your legs and on top of your body, chew everything and anything she can get her paws on, romp around with her sister Rue at all hours of the day and night, chase the laser pointer, and go on any and all adventures outside. My dogs are my best friends!Both my life and my dog Rue's life have changed for the better since adding Juniper to our family and we have Project Freedom Ride to thank for that! Thank you for helping to save this sweet girl and many, many other pups who all deserve the love that Juniper now gets every day!


I saw Mac on Project Freedom Ride’s Facebook page and just knew I had to do what I could to make him a part of our family! The first time I met him he “plopped” down at my feet and I knew he was the one! Since adopting him, he’s settled into life up in Canada really well, despite it being a little bit colder than Texas! We’ve discovered he LOVES the beach; even though when he saw the ocean for the first time he ran into it not knowing it wasn’t a solid surface! Mac is definitely a social pup but he really loves going off-leash exploring through trails and beaches. He brings so much joy and laughter to everyone he meets; we constantly have friends asking for us to bring him over for puppy play dates and sleepovers! Mac is such a smart boy, he’s so kind to other dogs of all sizes, and he loves kids (especially giving them big kisses on the face)! Mac has really shown us how rewarding it is to give a rescue dog a second chance, and he’s shown us nothing but love in return! Thank you Dog Gone Seattle and Project Freedom Ride for helping us connect with our handsome little man!

A special thanks to Roman from Project Freedom Ride - your message has touched so many people all over the world. I show your videos to people all the time up here in Canada! Keep doing your thing!


Me and my husband frequented the SPCA Jefferson County NY to find a perfect fit for our small family. We had been searching for months, and found out Project Freedom Ride was bringing some dogs up from Augusta. So we waited and stalked the Project Freedom Ride Facebook looking.

We saw a video of a sweet little girl named Goldie, just by the videos, we knew we wanted her. We had waited a week after they got in to go look so I wouldn't get my hopes up on getting her incase she wasn't available. We arrived on May 22nd to see our girl was still there. Without a second thought I told the SPCA workers we wanted to take her home!

On May 29, 2019 my husband signed her adoption papers and we brought her home, got her tons of toys and a doggie bed. She also got a new harness, collar and leash to stand out and make her fur color pop! We introduced her to our 3 cats, Stache, Phantom and Luna, they weren't too sure about her but soon came around to love her.

Goldie is now Bailey and she's the most spoiled girl in the house. Her bed is unused and our love is full for our bailey girl. Our hearts can barely fathom the love we have for her and how much she means to us as our first Adopted Rescue Pup! Again, thank you so much Project Freedom Ride!


Project Freedom ride brought a mom and her adorable puppies to the Jackson County SPCA. I had the honor of being able to adopt Aphrodite from the litter. Her name is now nugget because she looks like a little golden chicken nugget!

When I first saw her I couldn’t help but love her bright green eyes and cute little brown nose! Since she’s been home she’s grown into such a bratty, spunky, crazy and oh so loving puppy. Grandma is her favorite; along with her big boxer brother, Apollo, GSP brother Smudge, and mixed sissy Ava! She loves stealing Apollo’s wet food but he’s okay with that because she gives him kisses right after! She’s very well behaved and is currently being trained to be off leash outside! She listens very well... other than the "no’s" we say when she’s jumping on her cat sister, Raven. We love her so much and wouldn’t want any other puppy and don’t want her any other way than the way she is!


Eve has settled into our family PERFECTLY. We have been wanting a dog for years but had to wait until the time was right. Eve is everything we’ve been holding out for - happy to lie around but also always down for adventure. We love her an incredible amount and are so thankful to Project Freedom Ride for getting her to us.

Nick, Libby, and Eve

Lucy & Neo

I started searching in May of 2017 for a dog I could run with. I frequently run alone in a rural environment and in the dark during the winter. Initially I was looking for a bully breed, herding breed or hound. On our way to go meet a totally different dog, we decided to stop at the local Humane Society to see what was there.

As we were taken through the facility I noticed a little heeler missing half an ear with a scar across it’s forehead. The poor thing was huddled on the bed, in the corner, obviously scared out of its mind. I thought to myself, that poor thing looks like heck, nobody’s going to adopt it. After being shown a handful of dogs the shelter staff thought might be a good fit I asked to see the little dog missing half it’s ear. Something about it tugged at my heart. She climbed in my husband’s lap and started licking his face, loved on both of us for half an hour. I made the decision then and there to adopt her. A week later Lucy joined our family.

She is my first heeler and we’ve had a learning curve together. I've learned to "speak heeler." She had a rough life prior to rescue and had trust issues with strangers especially men. I reached out to Project Freedom Ride and was paired up with a wonderful lady with heeler experience who has mentored Lucy and I for the last year and half. Lucy owns my heart, is my wiggle butt love bug who will take on anyone who approaches me she deems suspicious and run effortlessly beside me.

We made the decision in November to add another pup to the family. Again I did not want a puppy and contacted Project Freedom Ride to find out what the rescue partners had that would be a good fit with my bossy alpha Lucy & a playmate for our young adult Bassett Hound Logan. We were introduced to Leo (now Neo) via photos and video chat. I immediately fell in love with him.

Neo joined our family in December and is a perfect fit. He and Lucy have spent countless hours herding each other & racing around our property. Logan has decided they're both crazy but occasionally joins them with short bursts of play. I am currently training Neo to run with us to expend some of his toddler energy.

We can’t imagine life without them. They are the pieces that completed our puzzle. I am so grateful to Project Freedom Ride & their rescue partners for saving Lucy and Neo, for the support they give to ensure the adoption is a good fit for both the dogs and their adoptive families. Project Freedom Ride is a precious part of our family!


This was a tough couple of months for us as we had to say goodbye to both our long time furry family members.

First, we lost our ten year old Shepherd, Harley to cancer and our bonded Labrador, Harlow began to suffer from depression and sadly passed; not just of a broken heart but of other medical ailments. We were devastated. Long time fosters for the NOAH shelter, we have had plenty of puppies in our home, many we have thought long and hard about adopting, but with two resident dogs we just didn't do it. When we began to look for our next pup to join our pack, we weren't finding that perfect match until we saw Moose on the Project Freedom Ride site and he was heading to NOAH, seemed like fate. Moose is a Shepherd Labrador mix, and at first sight he could be the love child of our Harley & Harlow. We raced up on the morning of May 24th to meet the truck and be the first to see Moose. Needless to say we were smitten. This (now) 36lb five month old bundle of joy loved all over my daughter and I, it was clear the decision was mutual. Since we've had Moose home he has come out of his shell for sure. The first couple of days he was definitely nervous around others, and clung to a full length mirror in my bedroom that he thought was another dog. This past weekend, June 1st, he went to a local brewery where he met other dogs and people, he took his first boat ride out on Lake Washington, and got to meet some of the littles in our life who he was so gentle playing with. Our next adventure will be to a friends cabin to roam and run and hike and swim. Moose is going to be a big boy, and we are thrilled he picked us to be his forever family. He will be so loved and get to enjoy everything the Pacific Northwest can offer. Thank you Project Freedom Ride for all you do and to our friends at NOAH for keeping there eyes open for the perfect match, Moose Montana is it!


Princess Peach
Hello Jen and co, wanted to send a little update on one of your Reindeer pups from your February transport. Formally Prancer, now Princess Peach, is enjoying the royal treatment with her new brother Bowser and human sister. She loves VERY intensely with ferocious licks and enveloping jumps (working on it). She lives up to her name by refusing to lay on the floor (pillows and mom’s bed only). She has really enjoyed reunions with two of her reindeer siblings, (Vixen and Comet). Thank you for saving this sweet girl- she has brought so much love and joy to our family!

Lucky Lucy

I wanted to thank you for bringing my new baby to the pacific northwest!

I lost my beloved Labrador in September 2018. He was almost 16 and I rescued him from a shelter in California when he was 4. I loved having the energy of a doggo in the house, but I didn't think I was ready to fall in love yet. I decided to become a foster momma with Dog Gone Seattle (DGS) and have been fostering for about 5 months now. I have been asking for puppies because while I knew I eventually wanted to adopt, I thought I would never want a puppy!

When DGS said they had a puppy coming up from Texas and if I had room to take her, I agreed. I expected I would get a little puppy play time and watch her find a forever home. I did not expect to fall in love with her almost immediately. She is incredible, clever, independent, and beyond adorable. So, on Monday June 3rd I signed the paperwork to officially adopt this wiggle worm! Her name is now Scully and she will be loved forever.

Thank you for what you do! And for giving Scully (and me) another shot at happiness.


Hello! I would love to share my experience with Project Freedom Ride. I have never worked with more compassionate people in my life. Roman and Jenn are literally superhero’s to these dogs. One of my favorite things was how honest the listings were about the dogs were. There was no surprise when getting our pup Asia or the process through adopting. We were attracted to Asia because she was STUNNING. She had the most gentle smile and it sounds crazy but she spoke to me. We already owned two dogs and we weren’t looking for another but when we saw her I had to inquire about her. She has completed our family. She provides the loving, spunky and calmness we were missing. You can tell Asia has been through a lot in Texas.. which did test our patience at times but we would never change the experience for the world. Whenever we are in need of another dog we will be going through Project Freedom Ride. Thank you for all you guys do!

Bridgette 2


Hello! I wanted to share my family’s adoption story of Bridgette out of Texas. We had been talking about getting a dog for over a year and we wanted our son of 4 years, to have a companion to grow up with. I was unsure of wanting the responsibility and emotional attachment that goes along with owning a pet. I personally had been heart broken as a child after losing a beloved German Shepard named Charlie, whom I’ll never forget. He had to be put down and it was so hard to get over.

I had heard about Project Freedom Ride from Facebook, family members and started to see a lot of videos pop up with Roman in them. His quest to save these dogs is amazing and I thought how awesome it would be to help out in some way with that! I started following them on Facebook and talking about all the dogs I would see. When Bridgette’s picture popped up, my heart exploded! We just knew she was the one! I sent in an application and starting hearing back from Jerica, the foster mom. She actually was fostering quite a few dogs at the time! We had a FaceTime one night with her and the dogs. I was so impressed with how in touch she was with me during the whole process. I was sent multiple pictures and updates on Bridgette’s progress. She answered all my questions and gave much needed feedback on everything from food choices to Bridgette’s preferences with toys and treats, temperament and such.

Bridgette came crate trained which has been a huge help! She was also mostly potty trained ( as much as a 5 month old puppy could be). She had all her shots, flea and tick treatment, clean and nails clipped. We were kept up to date on the transport dates and times, where they were on the trip up her, videos and all. Bridgette is such a lover! It has been over 2 weeks now with our new family member and we can’t be more overjoyed! She is wonderful with our son! I recommend Project Freedom Ride to anyone wanting to adopt a pet!



Cooper came to us in October, he was found as a stray with his biological sister and another stray they picked up along the way. When we got him, he was petrified of everything. We would have to carry him outside every time to go potty, and he wouldn’t dare step foot into the kitchen. He finally started warming up after a couple weeks, still scared of most things but made progress quickly.

Fast forward a few months and he’s all over the place, even the kitchen which was a BIG deal for him! He’s a crazy, spunky little guy and loves everyone he meets. He snuggles with mommy in bed every night and plays with his new sister every chance they get. It has been such an amazing experience to witness what love has done for our boy!

Black Jack

Black Jack

Black jack is amazing! He has made quick friends with our cat and kids. He is more like a cat than a dog and takes frequent cat naps with the cat 😀 He loves to get dressed up and go for hikes and to the dog park. We couldn’t have gotten a better dog! He fits right in to our family.